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The driving force behind Interior Cowboys is a woman with a cowboy mentality. 

Hi, I'am Petra Hoogland. After having lived in the US for a few years, following the Academy of Art, receiving training in interior styling and  architecture and having worked for years at various inspiring companies, I started my own interior design company. 

With a dose of enthusiasm and love for beautiful design items, I create residential and commerical environments that are bursting with personality. Cool, surprising, a little nonchalant and with a free spirit. 


It's my mission to create spaces that tell a story and effortlessly adding warmth and beauty to our lives for years to come. I believe that pushing the boundaries, challenging the rules and blending modern design and the timeless beauty of aged vintage pieces creates truly original environments.


My work brings me to the most cool places as I am always on the look for unique objects. A view of these pieces I offer for sale in my shop. 


Every assignment is different and a journey of discovery in itself. That gives me energy and a sense of freedom to do what I love the most; creating personal interiors with the free spirit of a cowboy.

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